Bar Al Jissah Resort

Bar Al Jissah Resort

Muscat, Oman


A beautiful hotel resort along the oman coastline.

Project Description

Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort consists of 3 hotels providing a total of 640 room’s services by 22 restaurants / bars. Leisure facilities include a spa with 12 treatment rooms, gymnasium, heritage centre, ballroom and 6000m2 of swimming pools.

As the resort was constructed on a remote headland it is completely self sufficient in terms of water supply and sewerage, having its own reverse osmosis desalination and sewage treatment plants. The three hotels are provided with heating and cooling from central steam boiler and refrigeration plant.


CML were initially appointed by the Client (Zubair) to manage and verify all commissioning activities and subsequently by all package contractors to carry out testing and balancing of HVAC and domestic systems and provide O&M manuals.

Project Start and Completion Dates:

Overall Project Site Completion - 2006