Holy Mosque in Makkah Extension

Holy Mosque in Makkah Extension

Mekkah, Saudi Arabia


Expansion of Mekkah's Grand Mosque to accommodate more than 1.6 million worshippers

Project Description

The project comprises what is effectively the third phase of the expansion of the Holy Mosque in Makkah or ‘Third Saudi Expansion of the Holy Mosque in Makkah’. Apart from the Mosque, the expansion covers other elements and buildings in the location, as follows: Haram Expansion Building, Piazza, Service Building, Makkah Hospital, Central Utility Complex (CUC), Services Tunnels, Pedestrian Tunnels, Rail Stations, and 4 No. Other Plots


CML are employed by Saudi Binladen Group, to provide the complete Commissioning Management package for Mechanical, Electrical, ELV, Public Health and Specialist Services.

Project Start and Completion Dates:

Main Works Construction Start - Q4 2011

Overall Project Site Completion - Q4 2015